Eleanor Fitzgerald (Sr. Global Lead Producer of Football and Innovations adidas)

Marcel Frensch (Owner and Executive Creative Director Brave Ones)

René Verbong (Executive Creative Director DEPT Agency)

Martijn van Marle (Executive Creative Director Accenture Interactive)

Rosemarie Praaning (Executive Producer TBWA\Neboko)

Pum Buisman (Co-Founder & Executive Producer Bucky)

Bas Engels (Creative Director & Partner TBWA\Neboko)

Sven Huberts (Regional Managing Director Isobar APAC)

Sander Volleman (Creative Director TBWA\Neboko)

John de Vries (Creative Director XXS Amsterdam)

Dennis Baars (Creative Director TBWA\Neboko)

Erik Falke (Creative Director TBWA\Neboko)